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“As an artist, hair styling to me is really using hair, complexion and other traits as a medium for artistic expression.  Every single person has beauty.  I feel that beauty can and should be expressed through one’s personality, attitude and hair.  But true beauty always comes from inside and I feel like it is that inner beauty that inspires the end product of the hair I design.  But not just the hair:  it is hair, skin-tone, clothes, confidence and a person’s presence that makes up a whole tapestry.  Getting to know each of my clients on an individual level allows me to better express the subtleties of the beauty that is within. For this reason stylists at my salon are chosen because they are not only hair stylists but artists.  This synthesis of art, creativity, style and individualized service are the key components of our success in creating one-of-a-kind, custom hair styles.”

Colleen's Philosophy